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Therapy and Counselling for anger issues

We all experience feelings of anger at times. Anger is a healthy emotional response to moments when we feel attacked, treated unfairly, manipulated, dismissed or unheard.

If we attune to our anger and learn how to manage it, we can use it productively, by channelling it into our thinking, decision making, goal setting, communication and expression of our needs. 

However, anger can pose an issue when it spirals out of control, becomes unmanageable and leads to harmful behaviour towards ourselves and others. Anger may also become problematic when it is consistently suppressed, hindering our ability to tune into it. This can result in difficulties recognising the factors that contribute to our unhappiness and a sense of unfulfillment.

Therapy and counselling can help deal with anger issues by offering a safe space where feelings of anger can be talked and thought about. During this process, we will together explore what may be contributing to the anger, how it feels not to be able to control anger-provoking situations, and work towards developing coping strategies to productively manage the anger, or understanding what may be contributing to a difficulty to consistently attune to it.


While each of us experiences feelings of anger differently, there are some common signs indicating we might have anger issues:

  • Aggressive verbal behaviour that gets out of control

  • Non-verbal expression of anger, such as silent-treatment and withholding

  • Suppressed/Repressed anger that can lead to self-destructive behaviour and psychosomatic symptoms

  • Physical harm towards others

  • Self-harm

  • Indirect expression of anger through passive-aggressive behaviour

To seek support with anger issues, please get in touch or book a free phone consultation.


Anger issues counselling and psychotherapy
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