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Cultural complexities Counselling and Therapy

You might find yourself feeling like you don't belong in your community or workplace because of your cultural background. You might be experiencing racism or bullying based on your ethnicity and culture, or simply feeling inferior to others. You might be perhaps finding it hard to navigate your own cultural traditions and particular culture characteristics, feeling pressure to conform. Such experiences can impact the way we relate to our own identity as well as others, and finding our unique place in the world.

Psychotherapy and Counselling offer a space where issues related to your cultural background can be thought and talked about. We can gradually begin to gain a better understanding about the impact of such experiences on your life, and any deep rooted ideas that prevent you from coming to terms with your cultural identity and cultural differences with others.

While each of us experiences cultural complexities differently, there are some common signs or experiences:

  • Experiencing discrimination and racism

  • Cultural identity issues

  • Cultural adjustment difficulties

  • Family expectations and pressure

  • Pressure to conform

  • Isolation and social withdrawal

  • Stereotyping and prejudice

  • Cultural stigma

  • Loss of cultural connection

To seek support with cultural complexities, please get in touch or book a free phone consultation.

Cultural complexities
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