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Psychotherapist and Counsellor in London and Online

"It is a joy to be hidden and a disaster not to be found" - Donald Winnicott

Many of us seek therapy due to a prolonged hiding of and from our true selves. We - usually unconsciously, without realising - shy away from painful feelings and thoughts as they are too daunting or even unbearable to face. Although this may have been a coping mechanism that helped us in the past, there may come a moment when more issues stem from such unproductive coping mechanisms than the benefits they provide. In Winnicott's terms, initially, hiding from ourselves seemed to be "a joy". However, when this happens for too long and when there is no one "to find us" - primarily in the form of ourselves noticing and deeply caring about us - it might result in "a disaster"; this is when usually more severe mental health issues arise, making mental health support necessary.

Therapy offers a space to "be found", a space to be listened to and feel emotionally cared for. The experience of therapy allows untold stories to be told and thought about; it can help you find your voice, understand yourself better and at a deeper level, and find your way towards a more fulfilling life path.

Working with Tony

I work in a reflective and analytical way, rooted in empathy and attentive listening. I deeply appreciate diversity, uniqueness, and difference. My approach is based on the notion of the patients/clients setting the pace as well as the agenda in each session, through free association, i.e., speaking their minds freely. Although this may take a while to develop in the beginning, in the long run, it can allow us to better understand the inner workings of the mind, and the patterns of thought and emotion that form under particular conditions. Becoming conscious of such patterns, as well as their underlying motivating factors and their impact on our lives, can feel truly liberating.

Throughout my experience, I have come to appreciate the fact that no matter how similar symptoms, thoughts, feelings, and stories may look, each one of us is unique and deserves to be listened to in an unbiased way to be better understood. I truly believe in therapists continuing their journey of personal therapy and increasing their self-awareness, as this can help untangle what patients/clients bring from our own "stuff" that we inevitably carry with us.

Therapy can feel daunting and very uncomfortable in the beginning. A lot of challenging feelings and thoughts might come up, and there may be phases where it seems like therapy is making things worse rather than better. This is a normal and expected part of the therapeutic process and is based on the fact that often, therapy offers a safe space where emotions that were held captive now have a space to be confronted. Through the process, patients/clients can learn to develop the resilience to face such disturbing thoughts and emotions, experience them at a deeper level with courage, while navigating conflicts and traumatic events of the past. Gradually, what seemed impossible becomes possible and opens pathways to a greater sense of self and agency, ultimately leading to change.

Issues I cover include:

As a therapist, I abide by the code of ethics and high professional standards of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) in which I am a registered member, and am committed to attending Supervision regularly as well as Continuing Professional Development in various forms (conferences, seminars, courses, books, podcasts, networking).

To read more about the ethical framework that guides how I practice, please download the file of the BACP guidelines:

BACP Code of Ethics for Counselling

The process

I offer a 15-min free-of-charge phone consultation to hear what brings you to therapy and understand whether I am the right therapist for you. Upon mutual agreement, it will be followed by an initial 50-minute assessment consultation, where we will get to explore whether we make a ‘good-match’. If, by the end of this session, you do feel that we could work together, subsequent sessions are 50 minutes long, and take place weekly at the same agreed regular time.

I offer Psychodynamic Therapy and Counselling for adults: Online and In Person in Central London and North London. I also offer psychotherapy and counselling in Greek.

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